Gumis Solutions

Vacuum Breaker Hose

Gumis team has developed the solution to prevent black residue in the toilet bowl. Black residue comes from hoses in the water line containing black rubber. In time, chlorine in water slowly destroys the rubber lining which ends up in the toilet bowl. We can replace all rubber hose on the water line to the toilet bowl including:
Vacuum breaker hoses with white lining hose,
Water supply hose (SS braided) with special polymer on the inside
All white flushing rings
Water valve - flushing ring rubber connection (three different types)
Gumis vacuum breaker hose is a textile reinforced black rubber hose with a white lining on the inside that is resistant to chlorine and other chemicals, preventing the appearance of black residue in the toilet bowl. It can withstand the pressure of 15 bars.
Original rubber hose after some time of exposure to chlorine

Resource saving

Cut expenses with better quality system

Time saving

Less man hours


No black residou to clean

Less guest compaints

TNF reduced to bare minimum