One stop shop for custom made solutions in rubber, metal and plastic.

Company Gumis was founded in 1993. in Split, Croatia as a metal machining and rubber molding company.
In over 25 years, we have evolved into a valuable and a dedicated partner to our clients who rely on us to solve some of their most demanding requirements.
Our products can be found in Marine Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Automotive as well as in Military and Medical Industry

A customer driven partner delivering made-to-order solutions.

Breaking down complex business processes

Gumis provides engineering solutions for customers who are in need of highely precise parts for the most demanding applications. As a custom manufacturing company, we can provide specialised engineering and manufacturing services in small or large volumes but we also supply standard engineering components such as vibration dampers and engine mounts, rubber and silicone membranes and gaskets, shaft couplings with rubber inserts in any shape, size or material.
We can also reverse engineer or modify your current product design.
We pride ourselves in providing our customers a timely response to their requests and working with them until a solution is met where having a variety of different manufacturing capabilities helps streamline the engineering and manufacturing process. Some of those are CNC or classical turning and machining, wire and spark erosion, laser cutting, bending, welding, rubber/plastic manufacturing, etc.
The result of our actions are numerous products and solutions in constant production runs with better life span and price-to-quality ratio. We are particularly proud of our contribution to the marine and cruise industry where we've become a partner of choice for all manufacturing projects.

Quality customer service

Dedicated support to our clients. Each project is handled by an experienced team and your satisfaction is our goal.

Short manufacturing times

Flexible and adaptable organizational structure allowing fast responses and ready when you need it engineered.

Adaptibility to our clients

Manufacturing in low or large volumes.


Custom and wider range products made to last longer.

Competetive Pricing

A value-added manufacturing company with all activities under one umbrella. This allows us to have more competitive prices and higher quality standard.


Our in-house logistics team is well equipped to serve all shipping requirements made by our clients.

We’re Hiring

We're always open to welcoming new team members in any field who share our vision and passion for the business and the thrill of working in a dynamic, always innovating, atmosphere.


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