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Positive Slope

For over a decade, Gumis Flexible hose solution has helped our customers reduce guest complaints, man-hours and damages to the ship equipment with regards to the BW toilet system service. We are proud to see our product accepted and used on every major cruise ship around the globe and we are doing our part by continuously upgrading and updating the product to serve our clients better.

Why install?

We propose to use a snag ring to catch any foreign items flushed down the toilet but in a different manner. Currently, ships either have the snag ring installed after the toilet bowl or do not have it at all.
If you do not have a snag ring, non-flushable items will clog the line (and affect a vast area of the ship with non-functioning toilets) or will end up at the pump and damage its parts, leaving you with the need to frequently service the pump.
Slika 1
Current option with flexible hose installations with snag ring close to the discharge valve
What happens if you remove the snag ring completely:
If a foreign body is of smaller dimensions, it may happen that it will successfully travel through the BW pipeline but it reaches the vacuum pump and possibly make damages.
In most cases, the foreign body reaches the mainline and blocks it, disrupting the entire line which causes a drastic increase in non-flushing toilet guest-related complaints. This is especially a problem with older vessels that have scaled in their piping.
Another big problem is not knowing where a foreign body stops in the pipeline so a quick solution to the problem can take longer and require a large number of people, all of which will further increase passenger dissatisfaction and call for their compensation.
If the snag ring is immediately after the toilet bowl, the trapped item will block the discharge valve and create a vacuum loss to the entire line (50+ toilets affected without the possibility of knowing where the clog is).
Slika 2
Other option with a snag ring located next to the discharge valve
The current solution which easily creates clogs and higher TNF complaints
Though warned, passengers flush down unapproved items (most commonly underwear, towels, rags, etc.);
They get caught by the snag ring BUT because of its close location to the discharge valve, the trapped item block its membrane diaphragm from closing;
This leads to a vacuum leak affecting THE ENTIRE LINE (20-60 toilets, or more) WITHOUT the possibility of knowing where the leak is coming from (the cabin responsible for the problem usually is not the first one reporting the issue);
Pumps work overtime to compensate for vacuum loss (more frequent spare parts
Replacement; cost increase) which causes fluid heating in the collecting tanks and foaming (common with the Evac vacuum system), giving false information to the level sensors.
To avoid line blockages arising from the snag ring catching and blocking the discharge valve of each toilet bowl, Gumis has a patented system enabling each ship to experience the issue of the block on a single cabin only. This cuts down on maintenance time, including locating the clog, servicing the affected area and resuming the vacuum system service to the passengers.
Gumis Flexible Hose Solution with low TNF complaints
Snag ring is moved 800-1000mm from the toilet bowl using a flexible hose and appropriately connected rubber sleeves;
The clog is stopped where it originated; the discharge valve membrane closes, line the vacuum level is standard and ONLY ONE cabin is affected by the issue.
Only the top sleeve with the snag ring is meant for disassembly;
The quick clamp allows maintenance teams to solve the problem in 60 seconds without the need for any tools.
To best utilize the solution, it should be installed with “positive slope” meaning the top part of our flexible hose is always pointing upwards (helps to avoid spilling of toilet content during the cleaning process into the locker leaving bad smell and impurities).
This way, when clogs occur and the hose is dismantled, contents of the toilet will remain in the flexible hose, avoiding extensive cleaning, bad smell and passenger inconvenience created by spillage. This also eliminates the need to frequently paint the deck under each toilet bowl service locker which gets corroded very quickly.
Slika 5
Gumis solution for positive slope

Resource saving

Cut expenses with better quality system

Time saving

Less man hours

Less guest compaints

TNF reduced to bare minimum

Guest satisfaction

More time to enjoy the travel

Toilet Not Flushing

*Example from a cruise vessel on TNF reduction. Installed in September and only 3 months after reduced from 650 to 50 pcs. of TNF´s.