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Smooth Covered Braided Hose

Potential sanitation and USPH issue solution – galley SS braided hoses with a smooth surface for easey cleaning
Gumis team was recently contacted by several cruise vessels regarding potential sanitation and USPH issue in galleys. Focus is now on standard pressure rated SS braided hoses which are impossible to clean from the outside (due to their rugged layout) thus creating an environment for germ and bacteria collection and development. Until now, there hasn't been a long term solution for the problem; vessels usually use heat shrink tube which does not have a smooth surface everywhere. It also does not always cover the end fitting properly leaving space for the bacteria to develop.
We at Gumis have developed a way to cover the SS braided hose with a custom-fitted, smooth-surfaced soft polymer hose without sacrificing on pressure rating, the flexibility of the hose and still complying with the sanitary cleaning requirement.
Special crimping ferrules were designed that do not expand in the ends when pressed. Instead, their edges press the outside smooth polymer hose inwards to minimize the gaps between the ferrule and the outside hose. This gap is visible on the standard braided hoses.
Hoses are available for order in any fitting size.


Same pressure and flexibility ratings as the original


Custom crimping without gaps on the ferrule


Design prevents bacteria development

Resource saving

Cut expenses on cleaning