Gumis Solutions

Toilet Seat and Cover

Our engineering department has developed several different toilet seat models that fit most toilet bowls on a modern cruise vessel. What sets our seat apart from the competition is the quality of build, durability, ease of maintenance and value for money. Our toilet seat is the only one that can be detached from the toilet bowl and washed separately, including those hard to reach areas in between the hinge and the toilet bowl. Most of our seats have a soft closing mechanism as a standard but they can also be ordered with a regular closing function.
We also use only chemically resilient and durable rubber bumpers for the seat and the bowl and not hard plastic which cracks and damages the toilet seat very fast.


Increased life span of the product using high quality materials

Longer life cycle

Parts can be used over longer period of time without causing blockages and disruption to the normal toilet operation

Budget friendly

By buying from us as a manufacturer you can achieve saves in your budgets and focus them on other areas of the hotel

Guest satisfaction

slashed guest complaints over damaged toilet bowls
Gumis detachable toilet seat and cover GE/1007-SC