Gumis team with his machinery park and educated staff can produce various spare parts or components for electrical devices. Our engineering and manufacturing department have solved many challenges even in the Electrical department whether it is something we can manufacture completely or work with a partner to market a new product or upgrade an existing one.

Every idea is run through R&D

We give high importance to every inquiry we receieve that needs to be developed or just tested with our feedback.

Custom-made or high series production

Our flexibility and adaptibility alows us to promtly quote and research which ever production option you wish

Verified quality and trust in our products

For 2 decades we are supplying our growing number of cruise liners and adapting to every need/comment or feedback

High quality materials and machines

Only high grade and solid pieces of steel/aluminum/bronze are used to machine a products. We do not use cast materials.
Work is done on EU machines made in Germany which gives us high precision in final product


<a href="/pumps-and-other-machinery-spares/">Pumps and other machinery spares</a>

Our engineering department received inquiries on a daily basis for Engine machinery spare parts including shafts, vibration dampers and mounts, expansion bellows, rotors…

<a href="/vacuum-system-spares/">Vacuum System Spares</a>

Our quality is measuremed by the duration of the product we manufacture and hapiness of the clients using it. Thus, Gumis has been rising exponentinally with our satisfied clients and advanced solutions we have. Read more

<a href="/hvac/">HVAC</a>

Our first coupling that was shipped as a sample to our client in 2006. is still working without any issues. More to this is it is still working with same Rubber NBR Spider.